Tuesday, 28 January 2014

"Stenchie Protestants" and other terms of endearment

Hello everyone and happy new year! Apologies for the long silence on the Cwm Jesuit Library blog - the last few months have been heavily focused on writing, writing and more writing! 

I am currently about half way through the thesis as a whole (50,000 words done, 50,000 to go...!) and just wanted to share these extremely anti-Protestant sentiments I have found written in several books:

HCL U.5.9 - William Bishop’s A Reformation of A Catholike Deformed: By M. W. Perkins (England, 1604)

"Heretical opinions long since condemned by God his church"

"To frequent Protestants churches is to profess their religion. But to profess their religion is forbidd by ye lawes of nature of God, of ye church as a mortal sinne & not dispensable. Ergo to frequent Protestants churches is forbidd by all lawes mentioned is a mortal sinne  & not dispensable."

HCL N.6.3 - Richard Smith, A conference of the Catholicke and Protestant doctrine (Douai: 1631)

"Scripture Expressly Saith that the good workes of the just are a sweete odour  [.] A most sweete odour, a smoake of incense before God - the same say Catholikes.  Protestants expressly say: that the good workes of the just in the sight of god are filth, dung, nothing but polution. filth & dung = that they be stenchie, doe stinke before god, if they be thoroughly examined: that inherent justices are filth." 

Just a snippet of the wonderful hidden treasures within the Cwm Library to whet your appetite (and to keep me focused through the next block of writing)  - lots more to come! More information about each book mentioned above can be found on the cathedral library catalogue. 

Please note that all images are the property of Hereford Cathedral Library and should not be reproduced in any way without the express permission of the librarian, Dr Rosemary Firman. 


  1. My favourite anti-Protestant quotation of all time is this one: ‘[The Calvinists] make God the author and producer of all sinnes, but we know not this God, but doe constantly affirme, that the divel is the author, moover, forcer, and producer of al sinnes and iniustice, therefore the god, whom the Calvinists adore and invocate is the divel’ (Oliver Almond, The Uncasing of Heresy (1623), p. 71). Always refreshing to see early modern English Catholics getting their own back.

  2. Awaiting the release of your thesis on the Cwm Jesuit library, hoping you may have uncovered some diaries relating to R.C. persecution in the area, researching Gelliwig Manor in Llanvetherine, owner James Hughes makes deposition against John Arnold in 1683 in Parliament, also murals uncovered in the house in 2001 similar in style to those in the Gunter chapel. http://www.spookspring.com/Palleg/Gelliwig.html

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment - thesis is being submitted at the end of October 2014 - please see my most recent post for details of my publications. Many thanks for the fascinating link!

  3. The Traherne Association wonders if you would be able to talk to us about your findings. It would be about this time next year.

    1. Hi Philip apologies I have only just seen this post and would be delighted to talk to the Traherne Association. Please email me on hannahjanethomas@gmail.com so we can discuss this further.

      Best wishes,